Jan 16, 2021

Wildflowers on the SoPac Trail Launch Improvements from Vickery Midtown Public Improvement District

The Vickery Midtown Public Realm/Open Space Enhancement and Beautification Committee chaired by Sabrina Bunks has exciting initiatives like the December 12 Texas Wildflower seeding on the SoPac Trail. Looking forward to beautiful blossoms this Spring. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with this great project, including Billy Guthrie, Ruth Guthrie, Jessica Davis, Derick Lowe, Anson Reilly, Sadie Wertheimer, Michael Beachum, Laura Whitley, David Whitley, Al Taylor and Sabrina Bunks. We are looking forward to announcing details on many forthcoming improvements to the SoPac Trail that will also begin in 2021. These improvements include lighting additions for safety and more.


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