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Vickery Midtown Business Growth and Development

More than 100 businesses are based in the Vickery Midtown district of Dallas

Vickery Midtown is energized with active development across the district in the following major initiatives:

  •       Baylor/Carrell Surgery Center/Eye Center/Brain Center
  •       Harvest Partners Park Place/Vickery Meadow TIF
  •       Lakeside Villas Project at$70K  Walnut Hill
  •       The Hill Corner Shopping Center (Walnut Hill and Central) Redevelopment
  •       Med Center Market redevelopment
  •       Texas Health Presbyterian Expansion
  •       Leo Hamel’s Expansion
  •       Village upgrade by Lincoln Property Co.
  •       Medallion Center Renovation/Addition of Kohl’s
  •       Skillman Redevelopment Zone/TIF
  •       Forest Abrams Redevelopment/Walmart
  •       Zoning Master Plan Overlay VMID/$70K Grant
  •       Center for Family Arts
  •       Timbercreek Development/TCC Retail, find more
  •       Equestrian Center/TopGolf
  •       Royal Lane Environmental Home Redevelopment
  •       SOPAC Bike Trail
  •       Shops at Park Lane